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Mileena did whatever she could to beat Quan Chi, but she was no match for him. Reiko attempts suicide as a result before being stopped by Havik, leading to events such as the killing of Scorpion, the cursing of Jacqui Briggs and Cassie Cage, and the corruption of Shujinko and Raiden, all with the "Kamidogu" daggers, but he himself is apparently killed in battle by Kotal Kahn, Mileena and Ermac, [49] until Havik arrived to save Reiko in bringing a possessed Raiden with him to capture Johnny, Sonya, Kotal, Ermac and Mileena. Sub-Zero turned around and saw Quan Chi, the demon sorcerer. Mileena's fighting style, regardless of variation, is based from Kano's Commando variant, seeing as both of them grapple like there's no tomorrow. He appears in Shang Tsung's MK ending as having trained Shang Tsung for the role of Outworld's new protector against the now-corrupt god Liu Kang, and makes a brief appearance in the story mode and comic book prequel of MKX.


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